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Storybook Celebration

We have all been working hard  for the last two weeks publishing our stories and getting them ready to be showed off to the world!

This week we have had the opportunity to share our stories with our parent and our classmates in 1D and 1C! We practiced showing our speaking and listening skills. We said this would include:

  • Speaking clearly
  • Speaking loud enough for the other person to hear
  • Looking at our audience
  • Speaking with expression
  • Listening calmly
  • Look at the person speaking
  • Waiting until the person have finished speaking before we speak.

While sharing we have also been practicing giving feedback about what we thought. We described a few things we enjoyed about the story and possibly something that could be improved for next time.

We should all be proud of what we have achieved!

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Uniform Policy



  • A uniform policy reinforces in students a pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the school community, and assists in developing pride in representing their school. Issues of safety, health and equality, and expense are also factors that underpin the need for a school uniform
  • Aims:
  • To promote equality amongst all students.
  • To further develop a sense of pride in, and identification with our school.
  • To provide comfortable, durable clothing that is cost effective and practical for our school environment.
  • To maintain and enhance the positive image of the school in the community.The school uniform consists of:
  • Implementation:
  • a light blue polo t-shirt or skivvy
  • dark blue long pants, shorts, skorts or netball skirt (bicycle pants are permitted to be worn underneath)
  • chequered blue & white school dress(bicycle pants are permitted to be worn underneath) or blue plaid tunic
  • dark blue jumper, fleece or bomber jacket
  • dark blue raincoat or coat
  • appropriate shoes or runners/sneakers suitable for physical activity
  • socks or dark blue tights
  • Sunsmart hats. They must be worn outside in terms 1 and 4 and at other times at the staff’s discretion
  • Hajji, beanie or head bands in school colours or shades of school colours
  • Items of clothing that are not acceptable as part of the school uniform include;
  • Denim shorts or jeans or bicycle pants (on their own), heavily worn/ ripped items
  • Bomber jackets with hoods or clothing with logos
  • Baseball caps
  • Any scarves, due to OHS issues
  • Ugg boots, thongs, open toed shoes, high heels, slippers
  • The uniform policy applies during school hours, while travelling to and from school, and when students are representing their school e.g. excursions, sport etc.
  • A minimalist approach to the wearing of jewellery will be taken. Minimalist is defined only as:
  • A watch
  • Stud or Sleeper in ear piercings only
  • Discrete religious necklaces worn under clothing
  • No responsibility will be taken for lost or damaged items of jewellery.
  • Nail polish and cosmetics are not allowed.
  • Students with collar length/or longer hair, must wear their hair tied back
  • New school uniforms with the school logo can be purchased through the office, generic uniform items can be purchased from other outlets or second hand items can be purchased from the second hand uniform store at school.
  • The uniform policy, including details of uniform items and places of purchase, will be published in the newsletter at the start of each year and on the school web site.
  • School Council requires that the Principal be responsible for implementation of the uniform policy
  • Students who do not comply with the dress code will have a letter sent home to inform their parent/s. If non-compliance continues students may be asked to remove unacceptable items of clothing, jewellery or make up. Repeated non-compliance may result in the student being excluded from the school yard or events involving representing the school until appropriate uniform is worn. Ongoing non-compliance will result in a meeting with the Principal.
  • Arrangements can be made to supply uniforms via State Schools Relief/ school office for families experiencing economic hardship.
  • Parents seeking exemptions to the uniform policy must apply in writing to the School Council.
  • Evaluation
  • Ratified by School Council August 2015
  • This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s review cycle.
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Publishing our stories

We have been very busy lately planning, drafting, editing and finally publishing our stories. We all have great imaginations writing stories about Unicorns, Super Cats, Candy Fairies, Spies, Dogs, Performing Potatoes and Zombies! We look forward to sharing all our hard work with our parents soon!





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Book Week!

This week we have been celebrating Book Week! On Tuesday we went to watch Kim Lardner perform. He is a writer, illustrator and story teller!

He drew Louis on the board with a really fat belly! He also drew dinosaurs! He told a really funny story about going to McDonalds and throwing a pickle on the window!

By Leyla, Marlie, Kiyara and Lara


On Friday we brought in a gold coin and were able to dress up as a book character from one of our favourite books. At the start of the day we had a parade in front of the whole school showing off all our amazing costumes. We were also able to participate in a book swap!

By Isla

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Block Building!


Crash!! Towers around us fall! We keep building. Determined to go higher and higher. We get others to help, as building on our own becomes too difficult. Higher, and higher we go…stretching up above our head now…must…reach…. the top…Phew! We place the block. Nick! Look how tall our tower is!

On Wednesday, the people from Green Hat Workshops  ran a maths incursion for us. This involved building anything we wanted using rectangular prism blocks! Some students built skyscrapers, so tall that we had to stand on platforms to reach the top of the tower. Others built pirate ships, hide outs, ‘chicken solders’ and even the MCG! It was fantastic to see so many different ideas and creative thinking.

We all thought it was great fun! There are definitely some future engineers amongst us!

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Inquiry Artifact

Apologies everyone, there was a typo on the note sent home. Below are the correct details.

Dear parents and guardians,

To help us with our integrated unit ‘Then and Now’ we are asking all grade 1 students to bring in an artefact that is special to them e.g. their first tooth, teddy, blanket, birthday present or souvenir from a holiday.

What: special artefact

When: Tuesday 22nd of August

Thanks for all your help and support.

Kind regards,

Grade 1 team: Anna, Nick, Carmel and Stephanie

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Book Week

Book Week Dress Up

On Friday the 8th September in memory of Liz Collins, CNPS will take part in Book Week. This event will coincide with Literacy and Numeracy Week and will see all students and teachers coming to school dressed up as their favourite book character or author! For example, you may wish to come dressed as Matilda, Harry Potter, Dr.Seuss, Where’s Wally, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Madeleine, or Little Red Riding Hood. We are asking all who participate to kindly donate a gold coin. All money raised from this event will go to towards purchasing books in memory of Liz Collins.

At 9.05am, we will have a special parade outside on the basketball courts (weather permitting), to give everyone a chance to show off their fancy costumes. If the weather is poor, the parade will be moved into the hall. Parents and friends are more than welcome to attend the parade. Thank you in advance for your kindness and support.

We look forward to seeing a sea of book characters at CNPS!

English Curriculum Team