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Inquiry Artifact

Apologies everyone, there was a typo on the note sent home. Below are the correct details.

Dear parents and guardians,

To help us with our integrated unit ‘Then and Now’ we are asking all grade 1 students to bring in an artefact that is special to them e.g. their first tooth, teddy, blanket, birthday present or souvenir from a holiday.

What: special artefact

When: Tuesday 22nd of August

Thanks for all your help and support.

Kind regards,

Grade 1 team: Anna, Nick, Carmel and Stephanie

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Book Week

Book Week Dress Up

On Friday the 8th September in memory of Liz Collins, CNPS will take part in Book Week. This event will coincide with Literacy and Numeracy Week and will see all students and teachers coming to school dressed up as their favourite book character or author! For example, you may wish to come dressed as Matilda, Harry Potter, Dr.Seuss, Where’s Wally, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Madeleine, or Little Red Riding Hood. We are asking all who participate to kindly donate a gold coin. All money raised from this event will go to towards purchasing books in memory of Liz Collins.

At 9.05am, we will have a special parade outside on the basketball courts (weather permitting), to give everyone a chance to show off their fancy costumes. If the weather is poor, the parade will be moved into the hall. Parents and friends are more than welcome to attend the parade. Thank you in advance for your kindness and support.

We look forward to seeing a sea of book characters at CNPS!

English Curriculum Team

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Como House Excursion

On Thursday we ventured to Como House, South Yarra as part of our inquiry into the ‘Past and Present. It was a fun-filled day involving lots of different activities!

Tour of Como House

We were able to have a look inside the mansion, once owned by the Armytage family, including their ten children! We pretended to be Lords and Ladies at a dancing ball. We also had a look through one of the children’s rooms (it had a fire place!) and also the master bedroom. It did not look like our parent’s room! Of course we were also facinated by how they got rid of bathroom waste!


We were able to experience life as a servant! We helped wash and hang clothes, which we thought was fun… Yes that’s right! We also learnt about the different bells the servants had to listen out for. It was hard to learn all the different sounding bells. We practiced carrying trays of drinks (we didn’t spill a drop!). We also learnt how they made ice cream before there were freezers!

Outdoor Games

We played games that the children may have played. Many of the games we still play today!

Mystery Detectives

We explored the gardens looking for clues to solve the case of the broken doll. We still don’t know who did it! The teachers will tell on Friday after Grade 1 A and B have gone to Como House.

We all had a great day, and learned a lot about how the Armytage family and their servants lived!

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Welcome to Country

On Wednesday we had a special Welcome to Country ceremony presented by Uncle Bill. The ceremony was a tradition amongst Indigenous Australians, where they would create smoke to walk through, creating a cleansing effect and also to ward off evil spirits. We then participated in an education session with Uncle Bill to learn about the different tools used for hunting and gathering food. We also were able to participate in a dance involving men, women and animals!


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Excursion to the Melbourne Zoo


As part of our unit on Australian Animals, the Grade 1 Classes went on an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo!

We were able to see lots of animals, including sleepy Koalas, where we found out they sleep for 18 hours a day! We also were able to see Edward and Edwina the Emu! Our favourite part was watching the Australian Fur Seals swimming and diving. We also really liked going into the Butterfly House. Playing in the leaves at lunchtime was also fun!

We all had a great day out!


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Comparing Lengths

In Applied Maths this week, we have been learning about length, and how to compare the length of objects. During our learning we made Play-Doh snakes of different sizes. Before comparing the length of the snakes we made sure they were lined up against each other on a base line. We then measured the snakes using unifix blocks.